Friday, August 24, 2012


I’m not trying to mess with your stuff, but if the truth be told deep in your heart you can relate to this following statement: Every man has dealt with or is dealing with now this secret called Insecurity. It frames the questions we ask when no ones around. Questions like, have I made it as a man yet? Or, how do I prove that I’m a man?

I don’t care who you are brother, even if you appear successful on the outside, every one of us must man up and answer the haunting questions of manhood! Many men search for the answers their entire life and never find it! Many guys think authentic manhood means finding a way to prove they don’t need anybody… But if we are created to be a man, and we are, then the first thing to becoming one is to give myself wholeheartedly to the purpose and plan of the One who created me!

So if you are asking these questions now; or you have found the answers to real manhood, either way, you owe it to yourself and your brothers to join Fight Club this Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 9am…

Fight Club is where each month we pull off the facade of what society, culture, and others expect us to be as men and find the truth to manhood! Here in the trenches we work out with our band of brothers what a godly man looks, feels, and lives like… and then we can without worldly handicaps, courageously walk into the battle as a fully loaded, bullet proof, man of God! It’s awesome to see the transformation happening on a consistent basis with the men who commit to the Fight Club maxim!

This I promise; If you give me your intentional and undivided 75 minutes every fourth Saturday @ Fight Club, I can make you into the passionate, committed, leader/warrior man that God is looking for and you really deep down crave to become! Or we can send Chuck Norris to your house to find out why you’re missing in action! Hooah!