Friday, September 21, 2012

Ask a Champion, Who's Your Daddy?

“Who’s his daddy?” That was the question directed from King Saul to his army commander as they watched David the boy take down an anti-Israeli, anti-God terrorist that stood over 10 foot tall! As David is directed back to King Saul with the giant’s head in his hand the King inquires, “Who are you from? What’s your company?” Wow, don’t tell me there is no importance in who we hang with or who we feed from!

Listen, King Saul didn’t see just a boy with a giant size appetite for big mouth terrorists! No, what Saul saw was that David, just like everyone of us, is a product of other men’s prayers, teachings, training, and coaching! We are not our own, we are a product of our company, our tribe, our past!

Everyone of us must man up and answer the question: Do you belong to someone or are you alone?” In other words, “What tribe are you with? Are you a lone ranger or part of a band of brothers?”

God has called you man of God to become a champion to your family and to your world! What does it take to make a champion man? Other champion man! The Bible refers to the concept that “Iron sharpens iron”! If you dream of being a champion then you had better be ready to be challenged by another champion, or go home!

So from one champion to another, I remind you to join with me and your band of brothers for Fight Club this Saturday, September 22, 2012 @ 9am…

If you don’t know, Fight Club is where each month we pull off the facade of what society, culture, and others expect us to be as men and find the truth to manhood! Here in the trenches we work out with our band of brothers what a godly man looks, feels, and lives like… and then we can without worldly handicaps, courageously walk into the battle as a fully loaded, bullet proof, man of God

If you give me your intentional and undivided 75 minutes every fourth Saturday @ Fight Club, you will become the passionate, committed, Champion that God is looking for and you really deep down crave to become! Hooah!