Friday, May 18, 2012

Florida Breakthrough in Progress!

I just got my Partners Letter from pastor Chris Blue who pastors our Faith City Florida campus, and I was encouraged by the results they are having. I wanted you to share in the blessing, so I reprinted his note here... Enjoy!

"Greetings Connection Partners

It is hard to fathom that my family and I left Michigan 9 months ago. We miss everyone so much but God is really using us in Florida. It is sweet sorrow.

I wanted to update all of our partners on the first 4 months of Faith City's newest Campus. Every dollar you donate goes to change lives. We have experienced some real life change personally as well. Tabitha and I have really grown to love our community here in Palm Harbor.  Almost immediately we felt like we were home. When we opened the doors on January 8th, 2012. We began to meet new people in our community each week that were calling Faith City Church "An Answer to Prayer".  SInce that day we have continued to meet new people each week. People like you and I that God is speaking to about their spiritual condition. 

We are now averaging 45 total attendance weekly in the last month. We are consistantly leading the people to share this new Church and God with their friends and encouraging them to invite and bring people with them. We have a great story of a young man invited by his neighbor, then attending our BBQ and Baptism and then signing up for our Maximized Manhood Book Group. This man has no intention of turning back. He loves Faith City. He was not in church, raised out of church, hurting and looking for fulfilling relationships. He has found fulfillment and purpose at Faith City Palm Harbor along with many others. You helped make that happen. It is your support each month that helps us pay the rent to have church each and every week.

We have found a gracious young man to commit to our worship team as the drummer once per month. We are believing for a full time drummer. We have numerous families now that come early each Sunday and assist us in setting the church up and stay late to tear it down. We have more and more stories of people coming to Faith City and feeling welcomed and accepted when they did not at other churches in the area.  That is you and I. We are Faith City Church.

We can see the potential for growth and reaching more unchurched in our area. We see our congregation doubling in the next 4-5 months. God is really moving here. I want to invite you to follow us on twitter to keep a pulse on what we are doing here.

Also, friend us on Facebook if you haven't. We love to connect in every way possible. Keep checking your inbox for updates. I know I will be writing of many more testimonies in the near future. Thank you again for your support.

We look forward to seeing you this summer at Faith City Fenton Campus. Pastor Chris and Tabitha"

Please continue to pray for our Palm harbor campus and our great team that's growing daily to keep reaching out to the community with the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ... 
Blessings friends, Dr Karl 

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