Friday, July 1, 2011


My last entry I shared some info about our men's ministry at Faith City Church... I wanted to continue here...

I had the opportunity to ask some of the guys why they come to Fight Club... This is what some of the men said;
    • Builds Godly relationships.
    • Stirs my faith.
    • Helps me become a better man now and when I have a family I will lead them right. (a young man said this)
    • Make connections with other guys.
    • It's a spiritual checkup.
    • Allows us to see other church men active.
    • I need fellowship.
    • Opportunity for male bonding that's different than world's way.
    • My flesh tells me to stay home and sleep in on Saturday mornings, so I need to do opposite.
    • Helps me see that I'm not alone in this.
    • Accountability
    • I come ready to speak into other men's hearts, and ready to serve others.
    • I come to be an example to other guys, that this time is important.

I thank God for all the guys that not only make Fight Club a priority in their schedule, but really work at walking out what it is to be a godly man of character!

I want to add another reason to this list, if I may, and it's this: If we don't give the time, energy, and discipline to find out just, “What is a man?” and “What kind of man should we train our sons to be?” then we are just as confused as the average guy that's out there.

Let me get to the point... If you are a man, you need to be at Fight Club... and if you have a son, then you REALLY need to be at Fight Club! And if your son is around 8 years old and up you need to bring him with you, they can handle it!

But even more than that, you need to discover what a real man is, how he lives, how he treats women, and how we pass on the power of manhood to our sons and grandsons. None of us just wake up one day and are instant men! No, it takes a clear, distinct, and intentional purpose and process... to get there!

I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but our culture is in deep trouble... and I believe that a major factor of the trouble is a loss of vision for manhood! It's difficult enough for us as adult males to maintain our masculine outlook in this mixed up “gender neutral” culture, so imagine what it must be like for our young sons growing up!

Praise God there is good news... The Bible provides us with the map to real manhood... and many guys are finding it and living it... and training their sons with it!

In my next blog entry I want to help us discover, What is a man? We will find the process to produce one! How does a boy become a man, because it doesn't just happen on it's own... And, how do you know when you've become a man? It's not about hair growing either!

Keep fighting the good fight men; for you, your families, and your world... Karl