Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?

Kathi and I have been married over 30 years as I write this. We will always remember how early on we learned to compromise when we came upon an area that we disagreed on. As Christ followers we knew right off that marriage is God's idea, and if we want a successful, holy, and happy marriage then we would need to learn how God wants it lived and live it that way. 

Here are some things my wonderful spouse and I have learned together. 1) Marriage is a Covenant. A covenant is more than a contract, it is a strong agreement based on 2 things; trust and vows. Today people create contracts to build businesses, get new clients, etc... and many people see marriage as no more than a contract just made to be broken. 

There is a big difference between a contract and a covenant. A contract is based on mutual distrust... A Marriage Covenant is based on mutual commitment! Also the Marriage Covenant is a union based upon conditions and the conditions are the Vows that are agreed upon before the marriage takes place... 

I think I will write some more later about 4 non negotiable Vows that will make your marriage everything that God would want it to be... 

But let me tell you about Mayonnaise and the Miracle Whip. I love Miracle Whip dressing on my sandwich's and do not care a bit for mayonnaise; but on the other hand Kathi loves mayonnaise and not the good stuff Miracle Whip. When we first got married we were limited in our income including our grocery shopping, so we compromised. One shopping trip we would buy Mayonnaise and everyone ate it and the next time we bought Miracle Whip and everyone ate it... And that's the way it went... all though our marriage we found ways to work things out because we knew we were committed to our Covenant of Marriage! I know that it may seem like no big deal compromising when it comes to sandwich spread, but if you can decide on the principle it will work on any challenge you face in your marriage... BTW, Today God has blessed Kathi's and my marriage and finances, so we buy both... no more compromise needed here...LOL!

Successful marriages are not those that don't face challenges, problems, or shortcomings. No, the difference between successful and unsuccessful marriages are how you decide to deal with them! Blessings to you, Karl