Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"4 Guys On a Movie"!

"4 Guys" letft to right are Mike, Steve, Karl, and Bob!
I have 3 brothers and even though we all lead different lifestyles, we all love watching movies. Because we all felt the need to get together from time to time and hang out, because our day to day stuff takes us down different paths, we decided that every month or two we should take in a movie together and then get something to eat... We have done this on a few occasions and the last time we got together we thought about being 4 movie experts because we are already movie critics (in our own mind anyway)! We thought we could review here on my blog, so today is the start... enjoy or just laugh!
So this is our first entry on this blog titled "4 Guys On a Movie"!

The movie we saw and are grading is called "True Grit" a remake of a John Wayne flick. 
The story is about fourteen- year old Mattie Ross determined to bring her fathers killer to justice with the help of a U S Marshall and a Texas Ranger...
It looks like Mike is giving it a "1 thumb up" and said it was good! 
I give it a "two thumbs up" and liked it better that the original, also the part that Jeff Bridges plays reminds me of a real close friend that passed away a few years ago... 
Bob said "so, so, and likes the John Wayne version better... Gives it a half way mark, (whatever that means)...
and Steve gives it a "1 thumbs up", saying,' Its a great movie to take a date too"! Of course Steve says that about every movie we see... LOL!

Well there you have the first installment of, "4 Guys On a Movie"... now its all up to you! blessings friend, Karl