Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday... In a Word!

For 2011 I felt like sharing a special word with you on Sundays, being a pastor and all... so here goes. I'm calling it Sunday In a Word! It might not be every Sunday, but for awhile anyway. So if you don't go to church, or you do, either way this might touch you in your heart... hope so!

Someone has said, “If God puts His hand in your pocket, it's not to take something out; it's to put something in!” I like that. It explains Gods heart toward us. He wants to bless us and wants to use us to be a blessing to others.
Matt 6:38 tells us; “Give and it will be given back to us multiplied many times”. This is Gods way to prosper you. Any time God asks us to give it not to take something away from us; it's to get something to us. Giving is not for His sake, it is for ours. If God is asking you to give something, it's so He can use it, multiply it, and then put it back in your pocket with the increase! Sounds like a great deal to me.
Maybe you are one that thinks talking about God blessing folks financially is heresy, or you feel condemned because you have not done right things with your money... please at this moment listen to me. God loves you and wants to help you work through all your issues in life including your financial ones. He gave us a system of giving and receiving, or sowing and reaping. It works, and He wants it to work for you...
I pray that as you study God's Word on this subject you will receive the revelation in your heart concerning God's will for your prosperity... He has made a way for us... Blessings friend, Karl

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