Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One of a new Decade!

I sat this morning listening to our new governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder speak after taking his oath of office... even as the nation feels unusually freezing weather; in Michigan we had almost 50 degrees and sunny! Maybe this was prophetic of the future outlook for our state. Governor Snyder spoke about the plan he calls; "Reinvent Michigan"! I'm including information from the website that inspired me, and hopefully will you also...

"Government's role is to create the best environment to allow citizens to succeed and enjoy their lives. In many cases, that means getting out of their way.
As Michiganders, we're often too negative about our own state.  It's hard not to be, given our economic condition and the national attention we're receiving... It's time to change our operating model to one of win-win. 

Rick's vision of a reinvented Michigan centers on what he calls Michigan 3.0, the Era of Innovation.  This vision has three key pillars. The first is a globally diverse economy that provides increasing prosperity to its citizens.  The second pillar is to provide a great quality of life, by protecting Michigan's natural resources and enhancing its central cities.  The third pillar is to create an environment in Michigan that will not only allow our youth to stay, but one in which they'll want to stay.
We've undergone fundamental transformations before, with great success.  The transition from a natural resource economy to an industrial economy a hundred years ago wasn't a fix – it was a paradigm shift.  It was a total reinvention.  The old ways didn't apply to the new reality.

We face the same situation today. We have to adapt to the new realities of a globally competitive, knowledge based economy.  Applying a band-aid here or there simply won't do.  Our citizens demand and deserve better.  With determination, candor, and a lot of hard work, we can reinvent Michigan and create a brighter future. We have a big job ahead of us.   Together we can and will Reinvent Michigan.  Let’s get started."
I agree with the Governor, let's get started... AND as Christians that means praying for those in office, continuing to be generous and loving to those around us, and walking by faith trusting our great Jehovah God, who is so willing to prosper us in everything we put our hand to! 
Blessings my dear friend, Karl