Thursday, April 28, 2011


God is having me reassess everything we do at Faith City to see if it needs to be dropped, retooled, or continued as is... Not an easy task but necessary for the future of duplicating at others campuses. We are "Narrowing the Focus through Simplifying". One area we have done some tweaking is our Student Ministry. Following is what we have narrowed down to fit the DNA of Faith City Church for our Junior and Senior High Students!

At Faith City, we are called to help young adults honor God with their lives! Here students receive encouragement, spiritual and emotional support, and direction. We help young adults grow securely; receive adult mentoring; find their purpose; and become confident, passionate disciples of Christ now! 3 ways Students get plugged in and take the next step in their life journey!

1. Weekly Worship
We encourage students to gather together with the adults in our worship experiences to celebrate life with family, friends, and encouragement from God’s Word. 

2. Student City Groups
Our Student City Groups help students connect to other young believers in significant relationships and develop strong hearts of faith and purpose!

3. Ministry Teams
God designed us for greatness, not sitting on the sidelines! Students find many opportunities to serve right alongside adults at Faith City. Through apprenticship and also intern projects as they develop!

This is one area of many that will be strategically positioned to fit Faith City's DNA... I do not believe that we are called to make good boys and girls, but we are called to make great men and women of God! I also believe that at any moment the church is one generation away from changing the world! Let me know what you think... Blessings, Karl

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