Saturday, March 5, 2011

Urban Legends!

In my last Blog entry I shared about gas and where to buy... Most info came from internet information that I should of checked out better... turns out it might not be all solid fact, even though some truth in it. Here's why! I went to for info. Here's what I found... 
" 1. It's a chain letter: Chain letters are notoriously untrustworthy as sources of news and information and completely ineffective as instruments of social change.
2. It's off-target: 
The boycott is based on the false assumption that all oil-producing countries in the Middle East fund or otherwise support terrorism. 
3. The facts and figures are mostly false: 
According to Department Of Energy statistics (and taking mergers/acquisitions into account), as of 2005 only three of the companies mentioned in these messages actually belong on the list of companies to support: Sinclair, Sunoco and Hess. 
All the other companies mentioned do, in fact, use varying amounts of petroleum imported from the Gulf region. 
The bottom line is that there is much misinformed and misguided info that it defeats its own purpose. "

So sorry about wrong info... just wanted to help, but it still is something to be aware of...PLUS, we have so much oil here in America that we should be going after this with a passion... OK all done, Karl 

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  1. oh well, we all believe somebody...after all, i believed you, LOLOL! your heart is always in the right place and that's never wrong!