Friday, January 28, 2011

Messy Baby!

John 3:16 is one of the most popular verses in the Bible... even if you don't know what it says, if you have watched any football games it was one of the most famous signs hanging down from the stands. It's all about God's big love for everyone that has ever existed. "For God so loved the world that He gave his only son that whoever believes should not perish but receive eternal life". Let me help you understand this love a little better with a story. 

"On a short air flight we had a lady sitting across the aisle holding her little sweet baby girl. Every time the baby cried the young mom fed her a little fruit and a little orange juice. The flight was very turbulent and every thing that mommy had little baby put down came back up. It was all over mom, baby, carpet, seats, and even across the aisle... The baby looked awful. The plane landed and as everyone moved carefully off the plane, we see standing at the gate who could only be the baby's daddy... He was dressed in a white shirt and white slacks. I thought, "No way will he grab baby or hug mommy". Now mommy didn't throw the baby at him, but she did leave them quickly to go clean up in rest room... And all the way to luggage claim area, daddy never stopped hugging and kissing that baby, welcoming her home!"

What an expression of the Father God's love for us... No matter how messed up or unclean you are, if you come home, He will accept you with open hands, hugs, and heart... Today might be your day to come home... go ahead He's there! Blessings friends, Karl

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