Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Together

Here is my wonderful family together... from left to right... Chris, Tabitha, and Braydon Blue; then Jason, Michelle holding Victoria, and Amy; then Me and Kathi at top; Aliyah Blue is standing at bottom... then Bianca holding Sophia; then again at top my oldest son Andrew holding Aiden, Kristen, with Ethan standing down behind Bianca; then my grandson Jonathon with his new wife Alyssa; and ending it up my youngest son Jeremy with wife Crystal... We are so blessed...
 Merry Christmas to you and your family! What is so special about Christmas? This is when God invaded earth. It was big news when man first landed on the moon and walked there. It's even bigger news when God landed on the earth and walked here! That's what Christmas is about! We celebrate that God came to earth to redeem everyone that will humbly receive Gods wonderful gift, the Lord Jesus... So from Kathi and me and all our family, we confess a wonderful CHRISTMAS season over you and yours, in Jesus name! Blessings... Karl