Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faith City Dream Teams

We just celebrated our Preschool Dream Team at Faith City by giving them a special lunch and time to thank them for all the great serving they do week after week in ministering to our children... These guys are the best! We went over our FC kids Dream Team Pledge to remind our team about the importance of what they do. I wanted to share the Pledge with you, so you can see just what this Dream team is all about...
As a part of this team I will do all it takes to help every child that comes through our doors to understand and live out our vision, to: REACH UP; REACH OUT, AND REACH IN!

REACH UP - I will help every child to have a personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord, and help them keep their passion to follow Jesus all of their days!

REACH OUT - I will help every child become acquainted with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and to let their life shine for Jesus!

REACH IN – I will help to provide an environment for every child to develop their gifts and abilities; and to understand the importance of serving others!

PERSONALLY, I decide again today that I will live the rest of my life serving God’s purposes, with God’s people, on God’s planet, for God’s glory. I am committed to Jesus Christ my Lord, to Godly values, my family, my friends, and my church!

I promise to provide encouragement, support, and faithfulness to my fellow team mates!

I pledge that my life will celebrate His presence, cultivate His character, participate in His family, demonstrate His love, and share His Word! Thank you Lord Jesus for helping me keep my word! Your servant...

Thank you again to those of you that have committed your life to helping see our children grow up principled, with purpose and passion! Blessings, pastor Karl