Saturday, July 3, 2010

Claim Your Independence Day!

This weekend we celebrate freedom all across America. It was bought for us through the uncommon valor and undying courage of men and women who thought it better to die for the cause of freedom, than live hearts shackled under the crushing bondage of servitude. Battles were fought, men died, families torn apart; but eventually, after the last battle, freedom was procured. Was the battle fought worth the freedom that ensued? Yes, most definitely!

And today we are the inheritors of this freedom. But freedom spurned is freedom lost. There is still a battle to be fought and won! This battle is for spiritual freedom in every man's heart. It is the battle of all battles in a man's life because the enemy of our soul has a stake. The enemy is using a strategy to convince us that the battles we face cannot be won, and that we should run! That's just not right! The strategy used is our culture, which will sway first our hearts, then our character, steal our passion to fight, and finally form our conduct toward our marriages, families, and the people around us.

Man of God, we are in a fight for our lives, we cannot buy in to the deception that our choices do not have consequences, they do. The battle is here, but the decision is yours... It's time to get in the fight, it's time to man up! And not just for us but for the lives of generations to come! Imagine the impact set into motion by one man risking all to win his battles. Generations of spiritual giants keeping the cause alive long after he dies.

This Independence weekend, I ask you to never forget, that the battles not over, but we win if we don't give up! Blessings, Karl