Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Want Better Living?

You have to plan on purpose to make your life better. You get better by determined decisions, not by default. You must design your life around positive, life promoting ideas and principles... Having a plan for your spiritual, emotional and financial growth is half the work of getting there. Often we don't strategize and develop a plan for growth, so we never get where God has design us to be.

Just as deliberate and focused you were about your decision for Christ, should be the same attitude you have for spending time in His word, having a budget for your finances and gathering round yourself emotionally healthy people.

Twenty 10 is already here, so where are you on purpose? Start right now... write out a plan that will work, and work that plan! You will look back to this day and say," Wow, life is great!"

In Him and never coming our, Karl

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