Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I feel the love

I find it a little hard to express how I am feeling right now... There is a peace that surrounds me like a cloud, an euphoric sense that everything is copacetic in my world... First I must say I have a wife that knows me, reads me, supports me, and loves me, even when I seem to be a hammerhead (whatever that is)... I have three sons and one daughter that all love and honor and respect their parents, and all love and serve God... And all of them have married wonderful mates that complete them... and then our grandchildren... wow, one with her own sweet baby, (I think that makes Kathi's "ruggedly handsome gaga man" something called a great grandfather, but that's cool too)... And then my oldest grandson Jonathon, serving in the greatest army in the world, go U.S. Army... Add to that his sweet new wife Alyssa, a little new family... Back to the list of grand babies; there is Amy, such a sweetie, with a new little sibling on their way... and then my oldest son Andrew's little man Ethan, and his little sibling also on it's way... And then Aliyah, Tabitha's little 3 year old, who just saw her brother 5 hours after his birth by way of Nana's Ichat video deal on Mac computer... Looking good Brayden... Hey wait what is this liquid leaking down my face from the eye area, oh well, I am truly a blessed man... knowing that as for me and my house we will serve the Lord all the days of our life... Thank you Jesus for every precious moment you have given me, and You have turned all my mourning into joy... I have to go Aliyah wants Papa (that's me) to watch her in her soccer class at her daycare... peace, out, Karl

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  1. Pastor, you ARE blessed and how wonderful for you to acknowledge that and share how much God loves you. I consider myself blessed too. I have the most wonderful husband and a son who is so precious and spirited at the same time. Thank you for being a wonderful shepherd and helping me relate with my heavenly Father in such a much more meaningful way. :)