Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chuck prayed for a Preacher!

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is this... “We are God's plan for reaching and healing a broken world". He just needs a body to work through. Jesus gave God a body to work through. That's why we can have a relationship with God today, because of Jesus.
And then also the virgin Mary gave God a body to work through, a womb to birth through… Have you given God a body, a life, if you will, to work through?

I am reminded of a man named Charles, ordinary in every way… had a wife and two children, a little boy and girl. His wife was pregnant with her third child and the baby’s birth was hard on both the mom and baby. The little baby boy had one of his lungs collapsed, so the doctor said, “You better call your priest…he won’t last long.
Charles must of believed that God had a different idea… So he excused himself from his darling wives side… saying I’ll be back in a little bit… Charles found his way to the hospitals chapel room… knelt down and cried out to God… He said,” God please allow my son to live, and I will give him to you to preach the Gospel”. By praying for his son Charles gave God a body to work through.

Chuck is in heaven now, BUT the story continues because some years later that boy did become a preacher, and I thank God every day for my daddy, Charles J Barancik, that gave God a body to work through.

Karl A Barancik, Chuck’s son.

(Pic left to right; brother Steve; Me; Dad, Charles; son, Jason)


  1. I love this story!! So glad he prayed... we're all here because of it. Love you daddy!!

  2. Wow Pastor, I never knew that... That is awesome and you and Mrs. B. are very loved by many including me... :)

  3. whatta legacy to pass on....i can only hope to give my son such a great story to tell and a path from God to follow! great post pastor! blessings...

  4. Thank God for his loving son, your Dad. How amazing that his prayer lead to your work and ministry today! Love you Pastor. :)