Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Please Pray for my Friend, Chuck

I am in my office here with Chuck and Becky Siglow about 6 weeks ago, we were having a meeting about our children's ministry... Chuck and Becky run our KWAM(Kids with a Mission) at Faith City... They have been a asset to our ministry for years... AND NOW, about 2 weeks ago Chuck was at his day job at a GM plant where a rack of parts fell off a fork lift truck and onto Chucks leg. It pinned him down for a few minutes, and when he was released from the load, he had some bone and skin damage. He has been recuperating ever since, and needs our prayer of agreement for a complete restoration of his bone and skin... He had to have some skin removed, and there was some shattering of bone. Without any more detail, the bottom line is, and Chuck will tell you also, that "By the stripes of Jesus, He is healed", and is standing on God's Word for total restoration... Thanks for listening... and if you know Chuck and Becky... let them know your praying... Peace, Karl


  1. I have been standing in agreement also. I miss our golfin buddy. I am believing that next year he will have a bionic leg and the supernatural healing will make him a better golfer then he ever was before.

  2. We have been praying for him. ;)