Saturday, September 26, 2009


And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship... Acts 2:42

The Greek phrase here for “continued steadfastly” is “intense addiction”. You could translate this verse, "And they addicted themselves to the apostles' doctrine and fellowship." The apostles' doctrine and fellowship became so important to the early believers that they could not live without it!

Wow, what a concept. We also see this spirit in 1 Corinthians 16:15 where it says, that Stephan’s household has addicted themselves to ministering to the saints. These guys were so committed to being there and helping a brother or sister make it through to victory; it became an addiction to them. Come on now, that’s real.

If you know anything about a drug addict you know that they cannot make it through a day without their drug of choice. Without taking the drug on a daily basis, the addict will go through incredible withdrawal pain and both mental and emotional trauma.

That is what developed among the saints in these verses. They were totally committed to each other. They were there for each other; facing adversity together; suffering together; experiencing persecution together; and rode it through to victory together. And as a result of their faithfulness and loyalty to each other, we are told that they “experienced miracles”. Look at verse 43, “Everyone keep feeling a sense of awe and many signs and wonders were taking place”.

Bottom line is; we need each other! When you are not sharing your life with other believers, you end up carrying all your pressures and problems on your own and in the process will just wear out. You need the passion of other believers to keep your own dreams fresh and alive!

So find ways to have contact with other believers on a daily basis. Encourage and support one another in whatever way you can. Find and join a home

group; get involved serving alongside others in your church; start looking for someone you can mentor. In no time at all you’ll create an addiction that can’t be stopped. You’ll be an addict that God approves of, and that’s a cool thing.

In His grip, Karl

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  1. i'm addicted to my faith city family, lol! whether it's praising the Lord beside them, going to lunch with them or discussing God's word at small group.....i just can't get enough of them, and you too for that matter! great post! blessings...