Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got his revelation just this morning on Isaiah 1:19. Here's how it reads, "If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land". In other words; do you want to see prosperity in your life, things go well for you and family? Then the key is not just obey the principles of the Word of God, such as Believe it, Confess it, and Receive it... this is right and good, But, here's the big one... WILLING. 

What are you WILLING to put up with? How WILLING are you to fight with your faith? Are you WILLING to go all the way with God? Are you WILLING to do what He tells you, no matter what? The question for many of us is WILLING. Don't be WILLING to live in lack or sickness, be WILLING to fight it? Don't be WILLING to settle for a mediocre marriage, be WILLING to receive God's wonderful plan for it. Don't be WILLING to accept fear and anxiety over your future, but be WILLING to cast all your cares on Him and receive the peace He gives to those who are WILLING to trust in Him... Are you getting this? Are you WILLING to get it? I know you can... SO... my question again... ARE YOU WILLING?


  1. Yes I am willing!! Willing for the right things. This is awesome and was a great kickstart for this morning. Great picture to go along with it too!


  2. good word the pic of ethan....looks like it should have the caption, "i think i can, i know i can," cause he's crossing a life bridge! blessings...