Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not Participating in this Recession!

This is a quote from Dave Ramsey who is a personal money-management expert, and has helped thousands get out of debt. He is also the author of The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace, and More Than Enough. 

At Faith City we have utilized his Financial Peace University to help dozens of families get free from the grip on debt...
So do you find yourself saying, “ Enough of this economic message of doom and gloom. Isn't there hope for things to turn around"?
Yes, there is... and that is why Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope live nationwide event on April 23rd at 8 PM EDT, is so exciting to hear about.

Here's how the Town Hall for Hope describes the event:
Town Hall for Hope is your opportunity to sit down with people in your community for a nationwide town hall meeting led by Dave Ramsey. Thousands of venues across the country will host the event, broadcasting Dave's live presentation. In the opening half hour, Dave will offer straight talk about the economy, recession, foreclosures and more. He'll carefully explain where we've come from, where we are now, and what we should be doing with our money during this time. Then, Dave will spend an hour answering your questions live! We'll take questions by phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more! And remember, this is a free event!

For more info on event click here townhallforhope

We will be participating at Faith City in this exciting event and invite you to get involved... DOORS OPEN 7:30PM... Our CityScapes Cafe will be open before and after event for 30 minutes...
I believe this one event can turn your thinking 180 degrees... and bring the hope you need to transform your life... you won't want to miss...


  1. so awesome of you the post this and to have FPU going again...part of standing on the word in a so-called 'economic crisis' also means helping others get through it too! God Bless you for all the help you give! blessings...

  2. I'm excited about this... and all the great things we have coming up to go along with it!!