Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God is our Protector

This is a wonderful testimony of the protection power of God. David and Peggy Ester, avid members at Faith City, recounted their story to me and I thought you should be blessed also by hearing it.This is in Peggy’s own words...

“What a mighty God we serve! Wednesday morning (4/15/09) when I got up the spirit of the Lord told me to read Psalms 121. David and I read it together. At first I didn’t understand why this particular scripture was given to me. Later I found out. I was returning to work on Saturday (4/18/09). It was about 10:35pm when I left for work. David was driving me there. Driving up a major Flint street we heard gunshots. We saw a car backing out of a driveway really fast. It then turned sharply, hit the curb and was on the grass. Then the car continued backing up until it was in the street. The car was backing up the street with no lights on coming our way. The shooter was in the street still firing shots at this car. We were like sitting ducks. David quickly put our van in reverse and backed down the street and into a driveway. We sat there until the car passed us by. All I could say was Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, and Thank you Jesus. Once David and I got past the shock, we went another way to work. We were so glad to be in one piece. I made it to work (yes on time) and had to sit and gather my thoughts. David and I both remembered the scripture that the Lord had given to us earlier in the week, Psalms 121:7; The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.                                        I know that God truly had His arm of protection around us. Bullets don’t have a name on them, they won’t say, “Oh! This is Peggy on her way to work let’s not shot her”. God had the bullets go somewhere else. I thank God for being our protector...

I’m also ever so thankful for David and his quick thinking. David’s quick action and spirit leading kept us out of the line of fire.” Peggy and David Ester


  1. read this on FB and it rocks....God's timing, wisdom and all...cannot be denied in such circumstances by man! good post pastor! blessings...

  2. Wow, this is awesome!! He really is our protector!