Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Need Warm, Somebody turn up the Sun!

I was looking at my pictures and found some of when my son
 Jeremy got married last
 May in Hawaii... made me warm... and then looked out office 
window and saw the sun shining and felt warmer... THEN started reminicing about this wonderful memory with our son and felt warm and fuzzy all over. 
Jeremy and Crystal are doing great and are living large in Fenton...  Crystal has a blog
 and she keeps up on it a lot better than I do on mine... check her's out... 
and enjoy the sun filled pics...
Peace, Karl


  1. supposed to be between 40 & 50 saturday....hold on pastor....heatsa comin! blessings...

  2. The sunshine and warmth looks (and sounds) completely wonderful!! I'm looking forward to it as well!