Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to Change Your Mind!

We can change for better just by changing our thinking tract. 

Rom. 12:2 tells us, “Do not be conformed to the world, but be transformed, by the renewing of our mind…”. What a powerful truth of change through what we allow to dominate our mind. Renewing our mind will take us from where the world wants us to settle, to where God wants us to be. 

One thought can change your destiny. One right thought can bring your breakthru! One wrong thought can break you! 

Jesus taught us in Matt.6: 25-34 to; “…take no thought saying”. He basically was instructing us to watch the powerful influence of thoughts we allow in, because they will influence our speaking them out, which will set our course for success or failure. Oh, the importance of thinking right.  This is the way for us all to experience breakthroughs from God. God is so good and you, our friends and church family... are all such blessings to Kathi and me... we believe and confess His best over you this year of 2009... 

Peace, Karl


  1. Awesome, such a good reminder!!! Thanks!

    Love the colors!


  2. great reminder pastor! i recently stumbled across a tiny notebook i was carrying in my purse for just such things...every time i found myself thinking something negative or judgemental about someone (my downfall too often), i take out the book and write at least one or two things edifying about that person. then try to replace the first thought with the new for anything basically! blessings...