Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Sworn in as 44th President

As I was in the office today and couldn't watch the Presidential Inauguration... my wife Kathi was able to... and she was touched by a lot of the ceremony. She sent me an email with her thoughts and I told her I was putting them on my blog... so here goes...

Kathi say's..." I'm watching only the beginning, the preliminaries - waiting for the Inauguration of our first African-American President. Whew. It's breathtaking. Just think of the importance of this event. .. The heritage of this people is not of those who left their homes of their own free will to find a new freedom, but it is of those who were taken from their already free homes & family by violent force to serve others. For 200 years there has been a hidden restriction, saying "so far - no farther". But, today, this man will be "the man", the leader of the free world. No gunshots. No bloodshed. No violence... but the uniquely American -peaceful transfer of power that this nation has enjoyed since it earned its freedom. We are a blessed nation.

While watching President Bush and his wife Laura receive President Elect Obama and his wife Michelle on the White House steps for the transition to a new Presidential leadership - I am trying to not cry. I am so proud of both of these couples. They exude grace to each other. President Bush has done an exemplary job of clearing the way for the new president. He made a way to do the security clearance necessary for the new president's chosen appointments early, so there would be no delay
in the transference of power. He purposefully has done all he could to make a smooth transition - to give the new president a good head start. And now we're watching it happen.

So sweet! Michelle Obama brought a packaged gift to hand to Laura Bush. They all shook hands and gave hugs on the steps of the White House. I don't believe they are each others favorite .. but they all respect each other's gifts and talents. They all believe in the position and traditions of this powerful office of the president, and this nation. Now, they and their families are meeting in the Oval office, with the Bush's as the hosts before the Inauguration.. soon, the Obama's will be the hosts. It is both an overwhelming and emotional time for all involved. I feel so proud of them all. What a wonderful day. A man that can be someone young boys can emulate and desire to follow in lieu of sports figures who make it big - then fill their lives with drugs and criminal activities. Its a great day!

Time to pray! Time to thank the Lord for our blessings. To thank the Lord that we live in a nation with such a wonderful peaceful transfer of power. Time to pray for President Obama to have wisdom and protection.


  1. What a powerful and touching expression. Thank you Pastors. :)Gerri

  2. That was an amazing read!! Thanks for sharing that touching moment as I missed it also.