Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Church, Mt Zion on top of the Snow!

Snow ,more snow... I guess this is Michigan and we should expect it, but it seems to have snuck up on us in December and just continue... But I am convinced that Michigan has some of the hardiest Christians, because even though it seems to want to snow the hardest and deepest on Saturday night... Gods people still come out in the elements on Sunday morning... It is awesome... we want the corporate anointing and the Word of God preached to us no matter what... We know that it's the Word of God that changes us, restores us, heals us, delivers us... so we come no matter what... It is warm inside the building and in our hearts, and there is free coffee... so that's good too. And at Faith City we know we will be accepted no matter what we are dealing with or going through... And we know our children will be taken care of well when we show up on Sunday for the service. The series called Blessed is doing just that... It is blessing us with God's revelation of how He spoke the Blessing over us and wants us to live in it... So despite what the weather says... we say, " Onward Christian soldiers, be in service on Sunday to give God the worship that is due His name... and to receive the revelation of His word and so it will change us..."

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  1. the snow rarely keeps me away, but a nasty bout of the stomach flu does, lol! sorry i missed what i'm sure was another fantastic message...but i'm still living in the blessings, even during the flu! awesome pic too! blessings...