Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Got Miracle Friends!

I wanted to give a good report to all those that helped us in the Christmas Miracle this last week. As most of you know, we were asking you to be a part of our Christmas Miracle by helping us reaching families, elderly, and those incarcerated in our local communities in the Faith City area. PRAISE GOD, OUR GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED!
We will help 26 families in our community with one week of groceries and/or a full Christmas Dinner; send a special gift to those in our local Assisted Living Facilities. We currently hold services monthly at 7 different facilities, and want them to know their special to us; help those who are incarcerated in Genesee County and Oakland County jails, as well as Ionia State Prison. We are committed to help prisoners receive a special gift this Christmas. They will be getting a bag of toiletry supplies and sweets; and already working on the gas furnaces, praises God for heat...
The total we needed was $4,500 and we had $4,600 come in, praise God again... So we will cover all of these worthy projects, and be a blessing to many throughout our community and also here at Faith City.
Thank you... thank you... thank you... everybody... you made it happen. Take a minute and give God praise for how He is working through so many to bless so many more.
Merry Christmas, Pastor Karl