Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sometimes you must say NO!

The elections are around the corner. Two Proposals will be on our ballot in Michigan... I am voting  NO  on both of them.. I am saying NO to  Proposal  1 because I am opposed  to  legalizing  smoking  medical  marijuana  in  Michigan. Want more info, go to I am also voting  NO  on  Proposal  2 because I am opposed  to  unregulated research  on  human  embryos  in  Michigan.  I support  the  successful  adult  stem  cell  research  that  does  not  require  the killing  of  human  embryos.  Find  out  more on this  proposal at Sometimes you just have to say NO... and this is one of those times... Please prayerfully vote this Tuesday... I also believe that God gave our forefathers the wisdom to make this country great with a Constitution that valued the rights of the citizenship by less government, not more... I know it can be tough for many right now, but do not buy in to a socialist mindset... that cannot be better for America