Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting fed or just fed up?

Thot it was time to talk again... so here goes. Most of you know I am a pastor, and have been for over 25 years... so I can relate to Solomon when he declared there is nothing new under the sun... I might not have "seen it all", but I've seen enough to not be surprised about things that happen in life, to people, in and out of churches... I am sure every pastor and church leader has heard it all from fellow travelers of faith, but one of the most familiar, I'm sure is; " I'm just not getting fed there anymore". In the early days of my ministry, to hear that I would seek God to find out where I was coming up short in ministry.. always looking to where I could do better, be meatier, go deeper, and the such... but what I realize is that phrase, " I'm not getting fed anymore" is incrimination of the one not feeding. Think about it, in the natural, only babies need someone else to feed them and parents are glad to do it ( and of course, grandparents really enjoy it, right Nana, you foxy lady)... with the idea that as they grow up, they will begin to feed themselves.
Now in case you misunderstand me, I am not talking about new Christ followers, those who have just come to Jesus and are baby christians, no they need to be bottle feed the "milk of the Word, and helped along until they can spiritually walk along themselves... But those who say, " I'm not getting fed there anymore" are always those who think they are more mature than they are, and are looking to pass blame on someone else because in all reality their life isn't going like they want and are throwing a fit.
So, me thinks, that most Christians that say that they are not getting fed, are not using their bible, not having time with God in prayer and fellowship, are not on purpose developing godly friendships with other believers,and not on purpose feeding themselves. Do you really think the excuse for your spiritual non-growth can be someone else's responsibility? No... you and I must eventually start feeding our self... so get your Bible back out, open it, and dig into it... Also give your heart and mind to God in every service to speak to you. I don't care what the preacher is saying ( I mean, if it's the Bible) God can speak through that message something to help your life... that's called feeding yourself. Quit blaming everybody else for your lack of commitment to grow... I have found over the years that people will do exactly what they want... so if you want to grow in Christ, then start feeding yourself.
And just in case you think I'm talking about you... remember what our parents always said, " If the shoe fits, wear it". O.K, I'm done...