Thursday, January 17, 2008

Teenager or Young Adult

I spoke last night about how the Bible sees growth from birth... 1 John gives us a glimpse... from children to young men to fathers. In Bible culture the children become young men at the age of 13. In Jewish culture the children live in the Age of Directives... which simply means that " Children obey your parents..." You live under directives, not suggestions... then when a child becomes 13 they experience their Bar Mitzvah, ceremony on becoming a man... a girl at 12 has a Ba Mitzvah.. they enter into the age of Decision for 17 years, until the age of 30. During this time they utilize good trusted counsel, which could be their father, older brothers over 30, Doctors, businessmen, Rabbi, etc, that they know and trust... Every decision they will have to live with so they are smart enough to get counsel before they make it. The bible says there is safety in a multitude of counsel... which we would heed to follow ourselves... How many times I might of made a better decision if I submitted to godly counsel... Then at thirty a man would be available as a trusted counsel himself... By the way, Jesus started His ministry at 30 after receiving His fathers blessing and release to do it. No where in this process do you experience adolescence or teenager... In the bible there is no such animal... It's an American invention to keep our young adults as children... I think it's time to change... We need fathers and sons working on life together, experiencing life together, and building a better world together... there is no place for division between the generations... just a smooth transition from one to the other... young men learning for the fathers, mentors, etc... and the older getting strength from the younger... this is the way we will change our world... let's go.