Friday, December 5, 2008

Experience the GIFT

I am so amazed at every turn of my life at how God is so good to me... I am blessed by God's love for mankind... and how faithful He is to us... To realize that God doesn't reward us according to what we deserve, but according to what He has done for us through Jesus Christ just makes me love Him more... During this Christmas season I think so many get caught up in the stress and mess, instead of giving thanks for the Gift of Jesus. Could I encourage you this Christmas to receive this most important Gift... Listen when I received and opened this wonderful Gift this is what happened and is still happening: I am found, I am free, I am changed, I am at peace, I have joy of heart, I am healed, I am delivered from destructive addictions, I have forgiveness and can give it, I am alive and living in it, I have prospered and am still, I experienced friendship with Christ and have good friends, I was taken up in His love and can love others, fullness has come into my life and I am full, purpose has taken hold of me and I found my purpose, I learned from my heavenly Father how to be a earthly father, I have taken a heavenly lover of my soul named Jesus and am learning how to be a true love to my wife, Kathi :-) .... YES, I am Blessed because I simply received the simple Gift of Jesus in my life... could you too receive God's gift this special season? Merry Christmas... Peace Karl


  1. Thank you for being who you are to me and my life in Christ Jesus... A BLESSING....

    Kellie Poehner

  2. wow...if everyone could just read that in the world, wouldn't they all just come running to God! society makes the mistake of thinking that we as Christians are "giving up" things in our lives when the TRUTH is that we gain more than we could have ever imagined! good post pastor! blessings...

  3. I couldn't agree more! Merry Christmas :)