Monday, November 3, 2008

Whose wealth are we spreadin' and why.

Here's the deal... I am a Christian, so I follow the Bible that tells me to help those that can't help themselves... no problem here... I do help others, give to others... without asking anything in return... But... I don't believe it should be legislated to steal what I have honestly earned and give to someone else... When the government gets involved in charity work it always becomes a tragic mistake. Redistribute the wealth will not work. It is legalized thievery... We have a generation raised on the welfare system that was to be a temporary fix but has become, sadly, a supposedly expected right... Listen... I want to see people helped... but to expect the government to be our source and supply is totally whacked thinking based on socialism at best, Communism at worst... please wake up and smell the insanity before it's to late... Agree or not, but it's my blog... and I needed to vent... Peace, Karl


  1. great cartoon pastor! a little tickled to see you venting like the rest of us crazies! love ya! blessings...