Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prayer Request

Just got this email from one of the greatest pastors in the world. Robert and Karyn Barriger - pastor Camino De Vida in Lima, Peru. They are trusting God for a major miracle for Karyn… Read in his own words and then pray and let’s agree for the answer…

To our church family worldwide, and close friends,
Last Friday afternoon, Karyn went to see a doctor to have a few checkups done, and the news that we got back was not was not good. Apparently they discovered that she has an advanced stage of breast cancer, and are having more tests done to see if it has spread to other areas of her body. She is taking this like a hero of faith. The nurses and doctor's were very surprised as she testified of Gods love and faithfulness to them in the midst of receiving this news. The peace she has during this time is amazing. As for me and the kids, were still working through the emotions, but we're getting better.

Because the doctors want to do more tests and get her into treatment quickly, we decided to go away for a week to pray, and reflect on which steps to take. During this time, Karyn and I will be doing one of her most favorite things in the world to do, shop for the grand kids. She will have a blog up soon for those of you who want to keep up with her and this new faith challenge that we are facing. But more than anything, we ask for your prayers.

I feel this is possibly just another thing to side track us from what the Lord is doing in Peru. Over the weekend, as we shared the news with our congregation in each of the services, and as I ministered, at times it felt like a train hit me. Yet, by the end of the service, dozens of people were coming forward to know Jesus Christ as their savior. We are moving forward with the ministry here, and continue to believe that we will be able to purchase our building in the next few weeks. I believe God is big enough to do two miracles for us! Even now, we just found out that the President of Peru has called in some of Peru's best doctors to oversee Karyn's case. Amazing.
Please pray with us. He is our Lord, and we love and appreciate our church family and friends.
In Him, Robert Barriger

Please pray for Karyns complete recovery, Thanks... Peace and Grace, Karl


  1. We are completely standing with them and praying for them!! I'm so touched by the faith and courage they have during this time... it's encouraging me! They are dear friends, and we look forward to hearing more testimonies from their story.

  2. I will definitely be standing in agreement for Karyn's complete recovery and I will be praying for peace to fall on the hearts of her loved ones. I know how hard it is to see someone fight Cancer...but I also know how exciting it can be to see someone defeat it and encourage others during their journey. It is evident that the Lord is already using her testimony to touch the hearts of others...and that is a reflection of her heart that is fixed on Him. She is an encouragement and challenge to all of us.