Thursday, October 9, 2008

Max Men Kickin' But's

Yeah, just finished our max man group for the week, and it was superb... the guys encouraged each other, and challenged each other to be the priest of their home. We realized that we need to be both tough and tender as men, just like Jesus was... He was tough on sin and hypocrisy and tender toward the sinner... One area we need to be tough as men is in decision making... not making excuses, and reasons why or why not, but just making tough decisions that will make our families better... Adam wanted to pass the blame on his wife... we can't... we must stand up and make good decisions that will bless our family... Soooo.. no more but's or excuses... just Godly decisions that make better marriages, homes, and families... Cool.


  1. Thanks for being a Godly example for Godly men!

  2. Real Men kick but's! I like it. The world needs more men to take a stand for what is right, honest, and true. Gracious to accept all and powerful enough to make the difference. Each of us have a family that is looking to us to lead. Thanks for the power boost. Always a good word.