Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Important Coloring Time

The other day my granddaughter, Aliyah was over helping me with my coloring... WOW... it reminded me when her mother Tabitha, my daughter, helped me with my coloring... Tabitha is such a great mother, I am so proud of how she has turned out. She has wonderful insight as a new wife and mommy on her blog, Fresh Mommyso much fun... to short... time slips away... making the most of every wonderful moment together... These moments are golden... off the charts as far as priority... this makes life good, so good...So we finish up and then we checked on her doll who was setting respectfully while Aliyah helped me with my coloring... I think we both laughed pretty hard after what her dolly said...
Peace, Karl


  1. the pics are fab! you should be proud of tab too, she's an amazing person, mother and wife! you did yourself proud by her! blessings...

  2. This is so sweet! She really loves being with you and Nana! You've been a wonderful daddy and I'm proud to be your daughter! Love you.

  3. Okay! I absolutely must know what the dolly said. LOL!