Friday, October 3, 2008

The Best of All...

My wife Kathi is the best thing in my life after Jesus... I should let her know that more... She has been leading one of our small groups, teaching on the Personalities, which she has taught on a few times over the years. Always eye opening to say the least... When Kathi and I first got together we were not understanding on this area and so we would have some misunderstandings, but learning about the personalities and how to work them into our family relationships made life better... I am so proud of all Kathi does to make our home and ministry a blessing...
While Kathi does her group on Thursday nights, I also do a small group... it's for men... and we are studying Ed Cole's book, "Maximized Manhood". We are in week 4 and the guys are eating it up. There are 12 of us and we are really grabbing the revelation that... "We are male by birth, but man by choice". In other words... to become a Godly man we must take on the characteristics of Christ... some of our studies have revealed to us that; 1) Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous... 2) Whoever sins you forgive, you release, and whoever sins you don't forgive, you retain in your life... 3)The essence of maturity is the acceptance of responsibility... We are changing for the better... If you want to know more about the Ed Cole book or others go to You will find some awesome studies for men. Ed Cole has gone to heaven but his son Paul Cole has taken the mantle of world wide men's ministry to a whole new level... Paul is a fantastic bro... check him out at More later... peace


  1. Love you guys!! You are a great example to us. I love being so close to you both and able to have my family be close to you as well. Love you. XOXO

  2. You are both such great examples of living a life as true Christ-followers. It is an honor to serve with you in the kingdom. I look forward to raising my family under the guidance and leadership of you both. Love you. P.s. Great word yesterday!