Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God wants to heal hurting people.

God created us to love Him and experience His love. In Genesis 1:26 we are told, Let's make man in our image( to reflect our nature) and after our likeness( to operate like us), so He created us just that way. Wow, can you believe that you are made so special by God. Created to reflect God and operate like God in this life... and He gives us the power to do it. When we don't understand God's purpose for us, we can live way short of it. If we don't understand what the Creator created us for, we will come up with our own ideas of why... and that is where abuse comes in... using ourselves and others in ways we were not created for... For example, if you never saw a clothing iron, and had no idea what it's purpose was... you would probably end up using it for something it was never meant for, like a doorstop, or a nut crusher, or a thousand other things. Well that would be abusing the iron, not using it for it's intended use. Same for you and me, if we don't know the reason God created us, we can have a tendency of abusing our lives... or letting others do it... all the time the mighty God of all creation wants to give us purpose and dignity reflecting His great grace, values, and character... It all starts by asking Jesus to give you new life... letting Him put a new heart and new desires in you. To know more of the plan God has for you please go to Becoming a Christian, which will give the full story to get you started on your journey of purpose... I pray if you are reading this right now and need help... you will allow God to take your life and make it better... Listen you do not have to live one more day without hope, without help, without God... and you can't save yourself... let God... I pray His peace and Grace sustain you...

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