Friday, August 22, 2008

Growth Groups are filling up!

We are starting up new small groups for the fall in Sept. and we already have 85% participation with two more weeks to sign up... We are looking for 100% participation for our church family, because we know it will cause good things to happen to those who get involved... Our whole purpose for small groups is to meet new people, make friends, grow in our faith, and have a little fun... Our groups are successful when those simple things happen... we don't use our small groups to become an intimate space, but use it to be a social space. We don't expect that everyone in your group will become your closest, deepest friends... but you might meet someone in a group that you would like to develop a deeper friendship with... Again let me explain our Growth Groups are a place to meet new people that might become your friends, grow in your faith, and have fun... If you would like to know more about Faith City's Growth Groups, or sign up for one... go to and click on the button Small Groups... it will take you to our catalog full of groups... Also while your on the website click on the button for youtube... we are starting to put some service videos up, so check it out... Continuing on Sunday our Smallville series... special guest don't miss... bring someone with you... See you then...

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