Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Corn, little Girl

Met my daughter Tabitha, her husband Chris, and my grand baby Aliyah at Farmers Market this last Saturday. There was corn on a stick and she thought it was tasty... Aliyah looks so older than not quite 2 years old... Also my youngest son Jeremy with his new wife Crystal met us down at the market... While we were looking and buying fresh produce... a dragon fly decided to catch a ride on Jeremys cap... cool dude...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Growth Groups are filling up!

We are starting up new small groups for the fall in Sept. and we already have 85% participation with two more weeks to sign up... We are looking for 100% participation for our church family, because we know it will cause good things to happen to those who get involved... Our whole purpose for small groups is to meet new people, make friends, grow in our faith, and have a little fun... Our groups are successful when those simple things happen... we don't use our small groups to become an intimate space, but use it to be a social space. We don't expect that everyone in your group will become your closest, deepest friends... but you might meet someone in a group that you would like to develop a deeper friendship with... Again let me explain our Growth Groups are a place to meet new people that might become your friends, grow in your faith, and have fun... If you would like to know more about Faith City's Growth Groups, or sign up for one... go to faithcity.tv and click on the button Small Groups... it will take you to our catalog full of groups... Also while your on the website click on the button for youtube... we are starting to put some service videos up, so check it out... Continuing on Sunday our Smallville series... special guest don't miss... bring someone with you... See you then...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Are you living in Smallville?

Our new series called Smallville is starting this Sunday... We are really excited about it. The whole Biblical principle of community will be addressed... When God is creating man in GENESIS 1:26, He does it together in community as a Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... and makes us in His likeness... to live and operate, and flow in community with others... just like God. Wow, can you grasp the importance of living life together with other believers... At Faith City church we believe that the bible teaches that His church should be growing larger and smaller at the same time... Meaning larger as a congregation, because more people are committing their life to the Lordship of Christ every day; and smaller because every believer is developing close relationships with a few fellow believers in the context of small groups. Let's face it, we need others, for encouragement, accountability, and to live life together. You do and I do... it's in our DNA... God made us to connect with others... a part of your destiny is found in others, and to the degree you open up to others on your path, is the degree you will grow and be successful in life.... Trust is a beautiful word, but a lot harder to do... because we have all experienced the pain of betrayal, abandonment, and misunderstanding... but that shouldn't become an excuse to not develop relationships with other believers... Also I don't think we will have close relationships with everybody, but there are a few people that God will connect together with you to help you grow, develop friendship, and enjoy life with... So be open to what God wants to do in your life... Say it, " God Your will be done in my life." There don't you feel better now. O.K. see you Sunday... oh by the way, over 100 folks have signed up for our Fall Growth Groups already, but there is still room for you... so sign up Sunday, don't forget.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sign Up Now- Growth Groups Filling

A wife of one of the couples at Faith City once told me that her husband had become a better man in 6 months than he had ever been in over 6 years of marriage. I also remember a teen-ager telling me thanks, because he got his dad back. I even heard a women declare that because of the commitment of a few church members, she was able to overthrow her dependence on over 10 different medications she was taking. What do all these true stories have in common? All of these changes happened because of the small groups they were involved in. I know these accounts may seem dramatic, but good things can happen when we become involved in a small group culture.

Over the years I have seen wonderful things happen to good people because of the influence of small groups. I also have found some ways that just don’t work when it comes to small groups. I have been asking God how we could use small groups to make spiritual growth a bigger reality, and to be a positive experience in a persons life. The way we have found is Growth Groups.

What are Growth Groups? Simply put, Growth Groups are Faith City’s groups of 12- 15 people that get together weekly in convenient locations all over the community to meet new friends, have fun and grow spiritually. We make them only 12 weeks long, and only three semesters a year, so that no matter what your heavy schedule in life looks like, you can still be involved in a small group. You also might like that they happen different times during the week. Actually, every weeknight has Growth Groups meeting, which gives everybody a shot at being in one.

My thinking is simply to “narrow the focus” for you and me, by giving us two things to help our growth, the weekend service and small groups. That’s it, 2 things, not 5 or 6, only two! No one benefits from being spread out too thin with over-committing. You and I can handle 2 commitments to grow- the weekend service and a Growth Group. Cool huh?

So, on Sunday August 3, 2008, our Growth Group sign-ups start. That’s when we release the catalog of our Fall Growth Groups that start in September (for 12 weeks). You will be able to sign up in service. Also on-line sign-up will start on Monday, August 4, 2008, just go to www.faithcityusa.com/GG.