Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finding God

I believe that in just about every movie you can find humans trying to tackle life... some find answers, some don't... but somewhere in that movie, if we look hard enough, there just might be a life lesson we can learn... sometimes the story gives us an example of what we don't want to happen, sometimes an example of something good... But if we look discerningly, we might learn from a movie... I do not recommend subjecting yourself to every movie, there is a lot of trash... but God can speak through movies, both religious and secular. Kathi and I saw the movie, "Facing the Giants", the other day. It was purposely Christian and awesome... showing us that with God we can deal with fear and overcome obstacles in life... And then we also watched "The Bucket List", and We were extremely moved by all the things God was saying through it... from loving your family while you can, to questions of God's existence, to real friendship... wow... God speaks... but we must listen.
We are starting a new series this Sunday called, "God on Film"... where we take a newly released movie, and find what God is saying through it... This first week we will use the movie Wall-E... you will want to be with us. Service starts at 10am... so bring somebody with you and check it out... see you Sunday...

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