Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aloha from Wakiki

I'm drinking coffee this morning from my hotel room in Hawaii. Kathi and I are here for our son's Jeremy's wedding to Crystal Fay... Jeremy is our youngest son and is always a blessing and delight to us. He says that he's not nervous about the marriage and kinda excited... ( you think). Anyway, he and Crystal picked Hawaii because he was working for Seal America up until two weeks ago... and the plan was to go to every state in America and have a communion service on the steps of every capital... which would take Jeremy to every state this year... so as you guessed...He was scheduled to be in Hawaii for his job... so why not have a wedding here... So here we are, some family and a few friends that could make the trek... 18 in number... to witness the wonderful sacrament of the Marriage covenant on the beach of Waikiki. Also I get to be the minister that pronounces them husband and wife. The marriage vows take place today at 3:00pm... I will have some updates over next couple days... got to get some more coffee. Talk soon.

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  1. Pastor,
    You look a giant walking through Hawaii, in that picture! LOL! Anyway, have been thinking about all of you today, especially Crystal and Jeremy! Guess it'll all take place about 9:00pm Michigan time. Can't wait to see the pictures. By the way, Billy did real well last night - he's a blessing.
    Love ya! Bethany