Friday, April 25, 2008

What's a Hero? Find out Sunday...

Hey everybody… Wanted to remind you about the Heroes series continuing on Sunday at 10:00am. You will like the special videos we put together, along with the Foo fighters song that will be performed… If you are a newer attender remember… just come as you are… and together we will let God speak to our hearts and life…
If your reading this blog and have never attended Faith City before, then welcome. We hope you'll join us for a weekend service to see for yourself what we're about. Through contemporary music, multi-media presentations, and practical messages, we present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that's easy to understand, even if you've never been to church. And please dress casual. Most people wear casual weekend attire. Jeans are just fine as are shorts. Then just enjoy the service. Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing. We'll let you know if we are about to stand or sit down, so just hang back and check us out. And, by the way, it’s O.K. to laugh at the jokes or videos.
Lastly, bring a friend or enemy with you… either way they will be encouraged on their journey.

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