Thursday, March 13, 2008

My friend, Jim Scalise

One of my best friends left last Sunday afternoon for heaven... He had a heart attack and wasn't able to be revived... When I heard Monday I was shocked... never expected it... He had an attack last month and came through and was really getting healed by the Lord... so it was a real surprise... Jim was a strong follower of Jesus... everyone he met went away feeling the love... Kathi and I were out in Houston area all last week so we were able to see Jim and have some wonderful times of fellowship with him... Seeing him last Friday for lunch before Kathi and I headed back to Michigan, we never thought it would be our last time on earth to see him... I miss him already...
Jim was a follower of Jesus Christ... was saved in prison and never fell back... just fell in love with Jesus and was a lover of people...
I preached a message last night in our church titled' " Things I learned from the life of Jim Scalise". If you knew him you will understand what follows, if you didn't know him, you might of wanted to. Some things I learned from Jim; 1- Love God even better than life... There was nothing or no one that could separate Jim from his Lord, no enemy, no situation, nothing... He was sold out to follow God with all his heart... and when you got around Jim you could sense Jesus. 2- Everybody is valuable and worth time and prayer... Jim was accepting to everybody, there wasn't anyone he wouldn't give a chance to... everyone could change... and everybody just needs a little time... and they will "get it". 3) Be a giver... Jim was always blessing somebody with something... He wasn't attached to his things... He would look for ways to sow into someone... Jim "Lived to Give"... So many other things Jim shared with me over the years... and I know I will continue to remember the blessed fellowship we had, and the miracles we saw... and the times of playing golf together that Jim would always tell me..." Slow and low, bud, slow and low..." Thanks friend Jim Scalise for being a wonderful part of my journey... see you in heaven.


  1. I met Jim the first month he was out of prison. We were working on a prison newsletter ( articles that Christian prisoners wrote and we published). He wanted to serve God, so he committed to 'stuffing envelopes.'

    He was faithful to come each month...(can't say he always stuffed a lot of envelopes...because he spent most of his time encouraging others and the rest telling us how to do the stuffing.

    I never knew Jim to say a curse word, take a drink, smoke a cigarette once he was saved. He just never went back to his old ways.

    It is true that he was sold out...and that nothing or no one could separate him from Jesus.

    We all will miss Jim. I think we all can point to things in our lives that Jim had a hand in introducing us to.

    God bless you, Jim. We'll see you on the other side. But we'll miss those hugs until we get there.

  2. My guitar and I led worship for Jim's prison and jail services for most of the 1980's. I hadn't talked with him in over a year, and found out just last night that he was gone.

    Karl, I don't know you, but your description of Jim is so accurate. The man was simply a lover: He loved God, loved people, and loved to sow into both. He was a lover of the Kingdom. What a legacy to leave behind!

    While grief is a typical response to a loved one's death, I am not sad. Just the thought of Jim coming face-to-face with Jesus is enough to set me dancing. What a joy in Heaven to welcome him home!

    See you soon, buddy.

  3. Bless you Pastor! We will keep in touch. You are an encouragement to the body of Christ. I am glad that Pastor Scalise brought us together. The trip to Colorado was awesome. We just have to keep loving one another. Praying for you here in Mississippi. John

  4. Jim Scalise married my wife, Karen, and I 19 years ago and it stuck! I knew him as a man with a heart to match his appetite. His fee for marrying us was three homemade pies. We had only been saved one day when he married us and he spoke many encouraging words into our lives. We entered full time ministry one year later and have been in ministry ever since. Many of the things he told us God had in store for us have been fulfilled and more are coming! It will be awesome when we meet again in heaven!

  5. I still miss you, Jim. You lived life big and showed the rest of us how. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord and having courage to help so many.