Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Service over the top

Gods Spirit was sensed Sunday, every team member was anointed, and first time guests were welcomed to the powerful love of God through the music, worship, and the message...the ushers were scrambling for more chairs for the break out attendance, and there was new commitments to follow Jesus. We started our new 4 week series called, " No perfect people Allowed". The idea is letting both our church family and those who choose to visit, to know that we don't get all fixed before we come to God, but He receives us just the way we are, with all our shortcomings, failures, sins, and past... and then helps us grow by His grace. God accepts us "as is" and we, the church body needs to do the same as His agents of Grace on the earth... It's not my job to judge others in their sin but show the grace of God to them through acceptance, and then let God work in them... So we are building a "culture of acceptance" at Faith City. Perfect people probably won't feel like being here, but the rest of us will fit right in as we grow through acceptance, authenticity, connectedness, and purpose... Basically.. Faith City is the perfect place for imperfect people... so there's room for you...LOL... Peace and Grace

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