Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Service over the top

Gods Spirit was sensed Sunday, every team member was anointed, and first time guests were welcomed to the powerful love of God through the music, worship, and the message...the ushers were scrambling for more chairs for the break out attendance, and there was new commitments to follow Jesus. We started our new 4 week series called, " No perfect people Allowed". The idea is letting both our church family and those who choose to visit, to know that we don't get all fixed before we come to God, but He receives us just the way we are, with all our shortcomings, failures, sins, and past... and then helps us grow by His grace. God accepts us "as is" and we, the church body needs to do the same as His agents of Grace on the earth... It's not my job to judge others in their sin but show the grace of God to them through acceptance, and then let God work in them... So we are building a "culture of acceptance" at Faith City. Perfect people probably won't feel like being here, but the rest of us will fit right in as we grow through acceptance, authenticity, connectedness, and purpose... Basically.. Faith City is the perfect place for imperfect people... so there's room for you...LOL... Peace and Grace

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kissed by a beautiful baby...

Beautiful is the word for my granddaughter Aliyah, she was smooching me at Fenton's Expo last week. We had a booth there for our church, Faith City, so we could meet some of the community, and let them know we're here for them. We had alot of wonderful members out working in the booth, and we meet hundreds of nice people that live and work here in Fenton. It was very successful. I also put in a picture of Kathi, Aliyah, and me with our good friend Vicki Duff who was also at the booth letting people know that Faith City is a place for them... Pretty cool...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My friend, Jim Scalise

One of my best friends left last Sunday afternoon for heaven... He had a heart attack and wasn't able to be revived... When I heard Monday I was shocked... never expected it... He had an attack last month and came through and was really getting healed by the Lord... so it was a real surprise... Jim was a strong follower of Jesus... everyone he met went away feeling the love... Kathi and I were out in Houston area all last week so we were able to see Jim and have some wonderful times of fellowship with him... Seeing him last Friday for lunch before Kathi and I headed back to Michigan, we never thought it would be our last time on earth to see him... I miss him already...
Jim was a follower of Jesus Christ... was saved in prison and never fell back... just fell in love with Jesus and was a lover of people...
I preached a message last night in our church titled' " Things I learned from the life of Jim Scalise". If you knew him you will understand what follows, if you didn't know him, you might of wanted to. Some things I learned from Jim; 1- Love God even better than life... There was nothing or no one that could separate Jim from his Lord, no enemy, no situation, nothing... He was sold out to follow God with all his heart... and when you got around Jim you could sense Jesus. 2- Everybody is valuable and worth time and prayer... Jim was accepting to everybody, there wasn't anyone he wouldn't give a chance to... everyone could change... and everybody just needs a little time... and they will "get it". 3) Be a giver... Jim was always blessing somebody with something... He wasn't attached to his things... He would look for ways to sow into someone... Jim "Lived to Give"... So many other things Jim shared with me over the years... and I know I will continue to remember the blessed fellowship we had, and the miracles we saw... and the times of playing golf together that Jim would always tell me..." Slow and low, bud, slow and low..." Thanks friend Jim Scalise for being a wonderful part of my journey... see you in heaven.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day and Night on the Beach

I wanted to show you Kathi on our deck in the morning feeding the seagulls... She just throws the bread up and they snatch it in the air. They are now trained birds... when we go out on the deck the lookout bird squawks to the rest and they show up ready for our little hand out... Me thinks I will train them to go down to town and bring me back my Starbucks... anyway... then you can see the evening sunset of our beach house on Galveston Island... it is so breathtaking... And all day long we hear the crashing of the waves on the beach... so soothing a sound to our souls... God is good... regeneration in spirit... I'm thinking of Jesus when He started His ministry, He left His farming community and went to live on a beach house in Capernaum, walking along the sea of Galilee, and praising the Father...( Matt. 4:13). I can relate..
By the way, have you talked to Jesus lately... You can trust Him, He loves and cares for you... there is no problem or obstacle to big that God can't fix, give Him a chance to do the seemingly impossible in your life... He is both willing and able... OK, I've got to go... the birds are back with the coffee...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God is good

Kathi and I are in Galveston Island for a few days of relaxing... the house we are staying in is on the beach, and it is really wonderful. We are walking everyday and eating healthier. Spending time together is truly a blessing, even though we miss our family and our church... but not the cold. Anyway got to go, Kathi wants me... later.