Friday, February 29, 2008

Snow What!

I felt like the climber in the picture this morning as I maneuvered my Audi 6 unto the highway to the airport, a normal 50 minute drive escalated into 2 and a half hours because of the snow storm... I should of left earlier, of course, but I didn't... It was 3 mile an hour driving with rush hour traffic, plus storm, WOW... I blew it... OK So I'm sitting in airport now with my great wife Kathi writing this blog because we missed our 9:28 flight to Houston but did manage to get reseated on the 12:18 flight... Good stuff... and the cheese omelet was cool... thank you, Jesus...
So Kathi and I are going to Galveston Island for a week, to rest, discover, walk on the beach, continue this wonderful story called in love with life and each other. We have decided to work on better health, better diet, and more lovin'... Our youngest son, Jeremy has moved out of home, traveling the whole year of 2008, with Seal America... which is stopping at every State capitol and holding a Communion service with believers of every background, it is huge... more about that later. I have to say, God is good, He knows how to put two people together, Kathi is just exactly what I have needed to keep me flowing and going right... Think we will go to our gate now, and get out of snow for a minute...


  1. Wow, so excited for you! I can't remember just the two of you going away on a vacation. It seems there were always kids with, or going for a seminar or board meeting, or to minister or something. This is great! Just time for the two of you and God! Have SO much fun!

    Love you,

  2. Great news Pastor that you and Mrs. B are going on a much needed vacation! Don and I will be thinking and continue to lift you both up during our prayer time that God will give you all the rest you deserve and show you the beauty of his creation while you walk the beach and in each other while you're enjoying the more lovin'...that sounds soooo nice! God bless you both for what you have done for us and Faith City Church... Thank you! Have a blast but not so much that you don't want to come back... LOL. Love you lots, Ashleigh.