Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Real Texas Super Lady

I was down in Houston Texas last week with a pastor friend Jim Scalise... Jim is blessed with health, just recovering from a mild heart attack, so I was there just hanging and encouraging him. On Tuesday we went to a chapel service that Dodie Osteen conducts at one of the local hospitals. Sister Dodie is Joel Osteen's mom, and wife of the late Pastor John Osteen, who started and Lakewwood Church where Joel now pastors. Wow, this blessed lady was so full of zeal and anointing... she finished the hour service by staying and praying individually for everyone that wanted prayer for healing. Sister Osteen was healed supernatually from cancer years ago and is enjoying blessed health well into her 70's. She had plenty of energy, and she gives Jesus all the praise... It was a real blessing for me to meet her... Go Sister...

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  1. The life of God is at work on the inside of Pastor Jim. Alive on the inside of him is the God type of love ready to overflow onto everyone who crosses his path. No weapon that the enemy sends will take him out before his time. He has peace that surpasses all understanding in every situation with every decision he makes. His heart is full of joy making him strong to live with a smile. His faith can move mountains, his wisdom is always increasing. His fruit is forever in bloom as he doesn't stop sewing while he's watering.