Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kathi I love you

MY SPECIAL LADY Kathi is coming home from Chicago later tonight, with Tabitha, my daughter and Aliyah, my granddaughter... they were at the Auto show for two weeks where Tabitha works. So Kathi stayed there to help with Aliyah... So I miss my brown eyed fox, but will see her soon... I did go to Texas for a few days this week to see my friend Jim Scalise who had a mild heart attack but is on the mend... It was good catching up on what Jim is doing in his ministry... He has a church going in Houston area and started a new work in Steamboat Springs, CO. More later on my time with Jim... I love this extraordinary women that God gave my over 27 years ago. She is my biggest encourager and I'm her biggest fan. She has always supported me, even when I didn't always make the right choice. She makes me feel like a success as a man, father, and husband. Thank you baby, I love you... see you soon...

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  1. I love that picture of you and Mrs B. You both look so happy!