Sunday, February 3, 2008

God's Grace and Football

Our Sunday service was over the top. The worship band did excellent, and God's power and love was felt, it was strong... and we had a full house, looks like people are returning after a cold January... As I preached on God's amazing Grace, you could see people getting it, Except be the grace of God, where would we be? I defined grace as the power to walk in all that Jesus bought for us even though undeserved and unmerited. Wow, God is great... You may think that God's grace is one-sided, and undeserving, and you would be right... that makes it grace... I will be sharing all of February on Sundays about God's Amazing Grace, come over and join us. As I write this Kathi and I have returned from my sons house eating dinner with all my children and their familes, It was cool... Kristen my daughter in law made the best spaghetti, I almost ate to much... Now Kathi and I am back home watching the Super bowl... go Patriots... we'll see... peace and grace...

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  1. Pastor Karl,
    This has got to be the best most awsome understanding preached on God's grace that I've ever heard. God is soooo awsome!!! We really needed that as I'm sure many others did also. We love and pray for you and Kathi. Keep up the good work!!! Be Blessed!

    Love In Jesus,
    Paula & Lawrence