Friday, February 8, 2008

Faith Works

We had our staff meeting this morning and it was great... I gave a small exhorting on Mark 11:23,where Jesus tells us if we speak to the mountain and command it, the mountain will obey... of course if we believe it... I realized some things here... 1) Jesus said "whosoever" can do this... meaning everyone of us can speak our faith and move our mountains... 2) nothing happens until you and I decide to speak the Word over our situation... you can't change your circumstances by always saying what the circumstances are saying, you must speak what you believe and things will change. 3) You and I have the creative force in our mouth, we must speak what we believe or we will continue to have whatever live throws at us. 4) You and I are the only life source that was given creative rights from God... He made us in His image.. so start speaking what you want and quit saying what the circumstances say. Quit speaking what the mountain is saying and start speaking TO the mountain... Wow, hope this helps... Peace and Grace

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  1. Reminds me of a story I heard Creflo Dollar say. He saw a woman who had a cast on her arm and asked "what happened", she trying to use faith said "nothing, my arm is fine." He says "there was obviously something wrong with her arm but she was just confusing what the Bible says. It says to call things that are not as though they are. Not to call things that are as though they are not." Did that make sense? You can't just stand in front of your mountain and say nope there is no mountain, denying the exsistence. You have to acknowledge it and than command it move. You have to stand looking at your mountain knowing without any doubt it will not stop you.